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Innovation and Agility

In today's world every business must have business agility, which is a positioning to quickly adapt to changes in their business landscape and innovate in order to be competitive and create value for their customers and shareholders.

Technology at the core

Technology is at the core of all successful businesses, like Amazon, Apple and Tesla as well as for all startups. These are all tech-first companies operating in some business domain.

We understand technology and business as well as businesses built on top of technology. It's what we do and also what we bring to the table working with our clients. It is the foundation of our approach together with innovation and agility.

It's the overall solution we care about, not the parts

We focus on and take ownership of the overall solution and outcome while continuously adapting roadmaps and deliverables in close collaboration with the client to meet the needed goals. Just like an agile startup.

Our services

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CTO as a Service

Solution Architecture

Cloud & Software Engineering

Business Agility & Education

We focus on value.

Technology and tools are means to end for your business value and user value. User experience is absolutely key when designing an overall solution to make it simple, easy to use and deliver what is needs in order to create value for users and businesses.

The technology platforms we build on

The three platforms we believe are central for data, applications and business today and in the future.

AWS Cloud

The leader in cloud today and what we recommend building on top of in most cases. There are many advantages with cloud and it's the foundation of building towards business agility. Security, unlimited scalability on-demand, pay per use and massive economies of scale as well as an enormous selection of Managed Services to build on top of.


Bitcoin changed the world forever. We're now in an exciting time when a lot of innovation is happening, especially around bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and tokenization. In 10 years we will take this for granted and a lot of our financial system as we know it today will be replaced. It is a technology challenge as well as a legal challenge.


What comes after cloud? Blockchains are here to decentralize what we today has grown into enormous centralized power structures. DFINITY is one of the most exciting platforms of the future with their Internet Computer aiming to disrupt cloud and how we build Internet applications and how we create digital assets and do tokenization.

What about UI/UX design, mobile, web or legal?

We believe it's about achieving an overall solution for you. It's not about isolated parts. We have some of the best partners we work with to make sure your solution is taken care of end to end in the best way possible no matter what is needed.

Our best client projects

Some of the work we're most proud of in more detail
elblox success story
Renewable energy platform for Swiss energy giant Axpo

We built the first PoC platform backend on the Ethereum blockchain in 2016 and later evolved this to a modern enterprise solution on top of the AWS cloud from 2017 through 2019, going from field tests to real production in Europe. The early successful deliveries resulted in a spinoff company :elblox by Axpo.

naoo success story
Online to offline commerce platform for Swiss startup

We architected, built and led the engineering efforts for the entire solution end to end for a secure and scalable platform spanning web, mobile and a serverless AWS cloud backend taking care of APIs, data storage, data analytics, Machine Learning as well as making sure the overall user experience is optimal and scalable.

EY success story
Secure bitcoin mobile wallet for EY Switzerland

In 2016, as the first of the Big Four, EY Switzerland pushed into blockchain technology and we built at part of this strategy a corporate bitcoin wallet mobile app for all the thousands of employees at EY Switzerland. This was not only challenging due to the timeline but also to secure and design an existing open-source app secure to be accepted by the EY corporate policies.


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Tommy Back
Tommy Back
Managing Partner

16+ years broad professional experience in the information technology sector from enterprise through SMBs to startups and own businesses. My role usually Advisor, CTO, Solution Architect and hands on engineer to guide organizations on all levels to fully understand how to best leverage tools and technologies to reach business goals. Hands-on experience architecting and building cloud native solutions since the last five years.
Msc.Tech. in Computer Science from Helsinki University of Technology.



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