Secure corporate bitcoin mobile wallet

In 2016, EY Switzerland as the pioneer and first of the Big Four wanted to seriously enter the blockchain space and we decided to build a bitcoin wallet for them that would fit just perfect with a bitcoin ATM at their HQ in Zürich we'd also arrange for them.

Our responsibilities and delivery in this project

  • Security review and hardening of open-source bitcoin wallet app. This was the most important piece of work and we spent a lot of effort combing through the app, all dependencies and making sure all was in order. We make quite substantial improvements in order to make the app safe for internal use at EY.
  • Re-branding app UI to fit EY corporate identity. Re-design of all the screens in the app to fit the EY corporate identity.
  • Testing and delivery of mobile app on iOS and Android. All engineering involved to make the app ready as a corporate app in their internal mobile app store and according to all their policies. This was a lot of overhead but we made it!
  • Educating senior EY personnel on open-source and blockchain. This proved to be a major topic because EY is a very large organization and IT is on the global level which means EY Switzerland got eyes on them from EY global HQ and IT. We had a lot of very good phone calls and in the end we all realized that this is something they want to do and we could make it all happen even if some of their internal policies could have been more up to date with also open-source tech. Here it is great to have the decision makers as client so it's possible to solve.
  • Maintenance and operations of platform. Making sure the app that relied on the public bitcoin network and app gateways was functional at all times.
  • Delivery of bitcoin ATM. Our partners at Bity SA provided the bitcoin ATM as part of the official launch.
On time, on quality and a launch that caused waves globally in the media

It's not every day a Big Four really does something radical and we're very happy we were part of this project to as early as in 2016 help EY Switzerland really step into the crypto/blockchain space that caused quite some media attention. This was the early days and today this we all eat for breakfast.

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